Creating Multimodal Texts Made Easy

More and more people have access to becoming content creators of the internet. These creators can range from any age with or without internet access, and the purpose of their creations can range from formal schoolwork to informal online publications. There are a multitude of options that creators have to craft different online texts. Creators can compose:

  • texts
  • videos
  • animations
  • web stories
    …and other forms of web text to share their stories and information.

Annemaree O’Brian from The University of Melbourne created a resource to educate creators on the different options for composition, and how to efficiently compose these texts called

blog post.png

She includes examples, resources, and tutorials on multimodal text resources from something as simple of web texts, to something as intricate as a short film.

She begins the website by emphasizing how important storytelling is, and how we now have access to story tell both digitally and by print. She then goes on to explain what literacy is, and the importance of sharing our literary knowledge in the appropriate venue so that the creator can create a meaningful piece for an audience.

The website contains tabs to 17 different types of publications including pedagogy, short films, web texts, digital storytelling, and other different types of venues for content creation. O’Brian includes information on what each resource is, how to effectively use it, and links to other resources and downloads for the particular publication.

This resource is extremely helpful to beginners who are new to technology and multimodal publication, as well as to people who are trying to expand their knowledge of publication venues. O’Brian does a great job of talking about multimodal texts while being multimodal herself by including pictures, links, and other resources on her website.

– Jessica Yurgin


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